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Data Types

Users have freedom to choose the data types of each field according to their app needs and it will generated a backend like the chosen type.

Both fields (name and notes) are the default fields that can be edited or deleted. Edit the field or add a new field to see the options.

Data TypeUsageAdditional Feature
Link to RecordUse Link to Record type to make relationship, where users can get results that combine record from different service.Linking to multiple record
Single Line TextA single line text is a single textbox use for collecting short phrase up to 255 characters. This is data type is used when you need to enter username, paassword, title, and so on.Default Value
Long TextLong Text Type commonly shaped as textarea, usually used for many sentences.
AttachmentStorage [Upload File] as array of object
CheckboxA checkbox also can be called boolean because it has the value checked for true or unchecked for false. Such as to show whether you have finished any task or not. You can use checkbox.Style
Multiple SelectArray of objectAdd options
Single SelectObjectAdd options
DateDateInclude a time field
Phone NumberString
NumberYou may use integer or decimal data type. The detail arrangement of integer or decimal are inside number data type.Allow negative number & Default Value
CurrencyIntegerCurrency symbol, Precision, Allow negative number, Default value
PercentIntegerPrecision & Default Value
DurationTimeDuration format
RatingIntegerMax & Style
Created AtTimestamp
Updated AtTimestamp
Created ByObject
Updated ByObject